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7 Reasons Why Fiberglass Entry Doors are a Great Choice!

There are two kinds of people in this world, those that set out looking for a strong, sturdy entry door to protect themselves from the elements and fend off possible intruders, and those who think of entry doors as a work of art, an extension of themselves and their style.

But here at Quantum Windows & Doors, we have a mission: to help people choose an entry door that is both sturdy and strong enough to battle the elements, but delicate enough to lure your friends, invite them in and make them feel welcomed.

And there is only one set of door with all the qualities listed above – fiberglass entry doors!

After decades of progress in home improvement and décor, fiberglass remains the most advanced and widely used material for entryways across the nation. And in today’s article we will be going over a whole range of benefits fiberglass will grant you:

1. Low Maintenance Entry Doorsentry-door-white

This material requires the least amount of maintenance, when compared to other standard materials used to build entry doors – wood and steel. All you need is a bucket full of water and a mild soap and you`ll clean your doors in no time!

2. Resistance to Dents and Scratches

In addition to super low maintenance and due to its chemical composition, fiberglass entry doors are resistant to dents and scratches (of course, we are talking here about minor dents and scratches, if you hit them with a brick it may leave a mark).

3. Custom Finish

Each house and home owner is different, and so is the style and finish of our fiberglass doors. They can mimic the grainy texture and color of most every wood to match your house perfectly.

4. Energy Savings on Your Doorsenergy-star-doors

Fiberglass (and steel) doors will keep your house well insulated for years to come, since they won’t rot or deteriorate. Many people believe that wooden door have more insulating value than fiberglass since fiberglass is so light-weight, but this is not true – in some cases it will have as much as five times the insulation power of wood! High-quality composite fiberglass structure will prevent the cool air from creeping into the house in winter, as well as not letting the hot air in during those warm summer months.black-entry-door

5. Door Guards

Fiberglass doors work great with rubber or metal door guards. You can install them to the top, bottom and doorknob side for extra protection from wear and tear and added insulation. This is a quick, easy and cheap fix that can add to the longevity of the door and save some money on your utility bills.

6. Safety

These doors are much safer than regular wooden doors since they will not bend or warp over time.

7. Warranty

This may come as a surprise for you, but some door manufacturers actually require a substantial roof overhang in order to preserve the warranty on a wooden door. This is mostly due to the fact that wooden doors don’t cope well with excessive heat or moisture, a problem you won`t face should you decide to go for fiberglass.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing fiberglass. At Quantum Windows & Doors, we can help you choose the best possible front door for your home!

Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at (905) 695-5100


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