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FAQs - Toronto Windows and Doors

Q. What are replacement windows?

A. Replacement windows are custom-made to fit into a space where an existing window is currently in position. As the name suggests, the new window will replace the old one, and this requires the precise recording of measurements. Replacement windows are made according to measurements so that they fit into the existing opening without disturbing the exterior or interior trim. They are often seen as a form of upgrading so that the homeowner can enjoy better energy efficiency, improved security, and a more aesthetically appealing design.

Q. Do vinyl windows pay for themselves?

A. By selecting high quality, energy efficient windows like those available from Quantum, you will recuperate your initial investment over time. This is achieved by reducing your energy bill since your heating, and cooling systems won’t need to work as hard. Quantum window units offer several airtight features as well as advanced glazing which work together to maximize energy efficiency and save you money!

Q. Why are vinyl window frames the most popular choice?

A. Vinyl extrusion technology has come a long way over the past few years. These advancements have led to the increased demand for low maintenance and energy efficient products. Vinyl is both practical and aesthetically appealing. At Quantum, we make use of the latest technology to design and manufacture each window and door with maximum energy efficiency in mind.

Q. What are the pros of vinyl windows versus metal or wood?

A. Apart from the physical beauty and clean design, the main benefit of vinyl is the money it will help you save in the short- and long-term thanks to high energy efficiency. Another significant benefit is that they are virtually maintenance-free! They will never need to be painted which means less work and financial savings too.

Q. All vinyl windows look the same, how can I tell the difference?

A. The main difference between Quantum windows and other, lower quality options, is the internal construction of the frame and sash. When you look at various products, ask the dealer to demonstrate the various structural components and explain how the windows are sealed to prevent air leakage.

Q. What about window glazing options? Are Low-E coatings all the same?

A. In short, no. There are several Low-E coating options that make it possible to customize the performance of the glass based on where the window is located. Some coatings are designed to block the heat outside, and others allow more heat to enter the home. This means that each window can be appropriately coated to suit the needs of that room for your comfort. With windows that maintain the best possible conditions in your home, you can be sure that your energy bills will be considerably lower as well. The Quantum Solar Solutions glazing options make it easy for you to choose the best coating for each window and ensure a great return on your investment.

Q. Will vinyl frame windows and glass keep me safe?

A. If your security is a primary concern, there are several ways of maximizing the security level of your doors and windows. The most vulnerable part of any window or door is the glass. This is the reason behind the development of laminated glass packs. They remain intact even after several blows with a heavy object. Our Safety Vision glass is able to withstand up to 40 direct blows from a baseball bat without breaking out of the frame.

Q. Do vinyl frame windows and glass reduce outside noise?

A. All doors and windows will contribute towards noise reduction. However, if you live in an area where the noise levels are so high that they disrupt your life, then we recommend Quantum Safe Vision laminated glass. This solution helps reduce noise by up to 100%.

Q. Do vinyl windows reduce condensation?

A. Vinyl windows can help control condensation. Moisture in the air naturally condenses as soon as it comes into contact with a surface that is colder than the air. High-quality vinyl window systems include the latest technology in warm edge glazing. This helps reduce condensation by helping the window maintain a more consistent temperature. By minimizing the temperature differences of the glass, you will decrease the amount of condensation,


Energy Efficiency Windows and Doors

Q. Why is energy efficiency so important in windows?

A. Energy efficiency has become an increasingly important concern during the manufacturing process of doors and windows. The Canadian and U.S. governments have both come to the realization that reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gasses benefit the environment as well as the economy. Both countries offer rebates and tax incentives that are designed to benefit those seeking an upgrade to their home.

Q. How is higher energy efficiency achieved?

A. There are several factors involved in manufacturing an energy-efficient window or door. The manner in which they are designed and built has a significant impact on their performance. Other factors include the type of glass packs, the amount of weather-stripping, and the Low-E coatings on the glass. In addition, Argon or Krypton gas can further improve energy efficiency. These are relatively new options and highly effective.

Q. What is the Energy Star Program?

A. This program is regulated by the US Department of Energy along with the Canadian Government and in cooperation with appliance and product manufacturers. Included in the products list are windows and doors. This program was designed to keep the use of fossil fuels as low as possible. Doors and windows are Energy Star certified only once they have been tested and then approved by an independent NFRC laboratory. When you choose Energy Star certified products, your choice will benefit the environment as well as help you save on your energy bills. At Quantum, our Energy Star products have been thoroughly tested and approved.


Operation and Maintenance

Q. Your site states that your vinyl windows are virtually "maintenance free". Is this accurate?

A. One of the main benefits of vinyl frame windows is that they require a minimal amount of maintenance (both inside and out). Unlike windows made using other materials, our vinyl comes with a guarantee that it will not fade, peel, pit, or flake. Therefore, it will never need to be painted.

With this in mind, it’s important to understand that the exterior of the window will constantly be exposed to the elements. They will become dirty (more so on the outside than the inside) and they will need to be cleaned. In many cases, the rain does most of the work for you which is the added bonus of vinyl. You will simply need to clean as needed, depending on just how spotless you want your windows to be.

Q. How do I clean the window glass?

A. The glass surface can be cleaned with any regular household cleaner or mild detergent. Use a paper towel or soft cloth or and you can’t go wrong!

Q. How should the vinyl be cleaned?

A. A mild detergent and water is best for removing airborne contaminants. Use a soft rag as well. Remember that you should never use any abrasive cleaning solutions or materials! Rinse with clean water and wipe the surfaces dry. Do not use a high-pressure hose for cleaning windows and doors. It will cause more harm than good.

Q. Does the drainage system need cleaning?

A. The drainage systems of your Quantum windows and doors are there to keep precipitation (such as water and melting snow) out of the frame. All you will need to do is make sure that all of the drainage channels and weepholes are clear so that any water can run out of the frame as intended by this design.

Q. How should I clean the screens?

A. Quantum screens are easy to clean. You need only remove them and hose them off with clean water. Avoid using the high-pressure hose or any cleaning solutions since they will damage the screen.

Q. How do I maintain the hardware to keep it operating smoothly?

A. The hardware parts of Quantum products require minimal maintenance. The usually do not need any kind of lubrication. In some rare instances, the metallic parts might need periodic lubrication. Quantum recommends using a light silicone lubricant.

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Q. What is condensation?

A. Have you noticed water or ice forming on the interior of your windows or doors? This problem does not indicate an inferior window or door. It does, however, tell you that the air in your home has a high humidity level. The warm air flows towards the cooler surfaces (like your windows and doors). Surfaces that are cooler than the air temperature of the room will develop condensation.

Q. What causes condensation?

A. Humidity is created when the water particles are warmed and change into their gas form. The water particles are warmer than certain surfaces in your home. When the warm water-laden air reaches the colder window, the sudden temperature drop causes the water vapor to return to its liquid state. This is condensation. In some cases, if the windows are particularly cold, the water droplets can freeze and form a thin layer of ice. In some cases, if the conditions are just right, condensation can also occur on the exterior side of the window. Due to the conditions required for condensation to occur, it is generally only noticeable during the colder winter months.

Q. Is condensation caused by windows?

A. Windows do not cause condensation. They are, in fact, affected by condensation because they are fulfilling their purpose of keeping the warm air inside during winter. By keeping the air warm in your home, the chances of condensation forming is that much greater.

Q. What is temporary condensation?

A. Temporary condensation does not last long and eventually disappears.

Temporary condensation may occur:

After showers or baths, cooking, dishwashing, or laundry.

At the beginning of the heating season. Your home might retain some moisture from the humid months of summer.

When the temperature outside changes drastically. A sharp temperature drop, particularly during the heating season, can result in temporary condensation.

During renovation or the construction of your home. Most materials used for construction retain moisture during the storage and shipping. The moisture is released into your home as these materials dry out.

Q. What are the problems associated with condensation?

A. Too much moisture in your home can result in structural problems as well as health risks.

Related condensation problems develop when:
The condensation stays on the windows for the entire day.
Condensation starts to develop on the walls.
You notice a nasty, musty smell.

You see mildew or mold on various surfaces in your home.

Can condensation be reduced?
Absolutely! The key is to reduce the humidity inside your home. This can be done by focusing on these three main points:
Moisture Source Reduction
Increased Ventilation
Increased Air Temperature Inside

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