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Solar Solutions Glazing Options

solar-solutionMany agree that windows represent the home’s eyes because they help bring the outdoors into every room.

It’s important also to understand that, while welcoming in natural light and offering a scenic view, each window can also allow other unwelcome elements to affect your home environment.  These include everything from scorching heat to freezing cold weather.

The cold in the winter and heat in the summer will affect the temperatures inside your home and, as a result, your choice of windows can have quite a significant effect on your energy bill. Not to mention the damage that UV rays will cause to the window due to daily exposure.

Inefficient windows can result in annual heating and cooling costs rising by 30 – 40%. With the Quantum Solar Solutions glass options, you can customize the performance of your windows while also enhancing security, safety, and reducing the transmission of sound.




With this high-tech glass, you will enjoy comfortable conditions throughout the year. So, whether it’s below freezing outside or just the thought of the heat makes you sweat, your home will always be the best refuge. In the winter, the heat is not lost through the LoE2 2-272® window. It is, in fact, reflected back into the room instead. This equates to a 96% increase on the insulating performance of that of a regular window. During the hotter months of summer, it prevents the heat of the sun from warming up your house. 84% of harmful UV rays are blocked thanks to this technology. Therefore, your home will remain warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and you will also help prevent the fixtures and décor in your home from fading due to sun exposure.

Easy Clean Glass

Neat™ naturally clean glass has taken easy-to-clean window glass to a whole new level! Manual activation is not needed! All you need is the sun, and the titanium dioxide layer will do the rest! The UV rays of the sun cause a chemical reaction when in contact with this titanium layer. The result is that all organic materials on your will decompose. Since approximately 80% of UV rays are able to penetrate the clouds, this technology is not limited to sunny days! Once the material has decomposed and you enjoy a bit of rain, the remnants will be washed away without you having to lift a finger!

Tri-Pane Safe Vision™

This laminated glass is made by bonding polyester film and a combination of plastic vinyl layers between two glass panes before being pressed into one, single sheet. The sealed unit is completed by this third pane of Low-E coated glass. Laminated glass offers added safety from breakage, increased prevention of sound transmission, and blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Argon Gas

Low-E glass windows have the added benefit of Argon Gas, which offers even more energy efficiency. This gas is 40% denser than air, and this creates a greater resistance when it comes to transferring cold or heat through the window. Thereby increasing the energy efficiency by 30%

Krypton Gas

Although Argon Gas is dense, Krypton Gas is even denser! This gas, therefore, offers even greater energy savings. Krypton, however, is better suited in smaller insulated spaces. It’s perfect for triple pane windows and will create even higher R-value.

Triple Pane

Triple pane windows consist of two Low-E coated glass lites and an interior glass substrate. This middle layer of glass separates the interior and exterior panes and insulates each chamber. The chambers can then be filled with Argon or Krypton Gas. Triple pane windows offer maximum R-values with reduced transmission of sounds as well as the blockage of 95% of UV rays all in one neat, and attractive design.

Super Spacer

Super Spacer comes standard with all Quantum windows. They are the only 100% polymer foam in the world, and the Warm Edge spacing system is completely free of metal. This is the hallmark of Super Spacer technology. It’s no secret that the insulating glass’ edge is the most vulnerable to the loss of heat and cold, frosting, and condensation. The no-metal formula from Super Spacer prevents heat from escaping and offers one of the top thermal performances in the business. As a result, you will notice significantly less condensation along with the elimination of dangerous window mold.

We take environmental protection seriously. We use automated manufacturing facilities in order to increase efficiency while keeping material waste to a minimum. Our products offer the best in thermal performance so that our customers enjoy maximum savings on their energy bill and thereby reducing the pressure and demands on natural resources.

Full Metal Spacer

With regular metal spacers, you will notice condensation on your window.


Less Metal Spacer

Condensation resistance is somewhat better in these mid-performance designs since these spacer systems still contain metal.


Super Spacer

This all-foam design reduces condensation drastically and, therefore, offers the best performance in Warm Edge Technology.

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