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Why It’s Time To Give Up On Wooden Window Frames

People have been using wood to build houses and other structures for thousands of years. People have enjoyed the pleasures of windows for thousands of years, a great number of them framed by wood. You probably have some fond memories of looking out wood framed windows, watching snow pile on the ground or admiring the terrifying beauty of a flash thunderstorm.

Today, however, wooden window frames are on their way out. Some more traditional homeowners stand by them, particularly those whose entire homes are built out of wood, but the vast majority of people have decided to switch to vinyl framed windows.

Much like vinyl is becoming more popular as a replacement for wood, there have been other changes in the way windows are made. For example, in the 14th century, flattened animal horns were used instead of glass panes. We’ve come a long way when it comes to manufacturing windows and just as there are many different reasons why people switched from flattened animal horns to glass window panes, there are just as many legitimate reasons to consider moving into the new era of vinyl window frames.

Here are the top three reasons you should replace your wooden window frames with vinyl ones:

Wood is high maintenance – A wooden window frame might last several years or even a couple decades, but to keep it in good condition you need to paint it and seal it every year. That means taking time out of your schedule to do it and spending money on paint and primer. When you choose vinyl window frames, you get to say good bye to all that hard work for good.

Wood isn’t very efficient – Once upon a time wood was one of the most energy efficient materials available to people. As we’ve developed manufacturing technology that’s changed. At this point, wood is one of the least energy efficient options for your window frames. Vinyl is a far better option if your main concern is energy efficiency. A number of the most energy efficient vinyl window frames actually utilize a thin strip of wood to help with insulation. This combination of materials is what you should be looking for in high quality window replacements.

Wood is expensive – It might be pretty, but wood is extremely expensive. When it comes to window replacements, wood is the most expensive option. This is because it’s easier to make vinyl than it is to nurture a tree to the proper size necessary to be useful for building. It’s also the least energy efficient option, which means more expensive energy bills. And that’s without discussing the cost of paint and sealant.

You may have fond childhood memories of wooden window frames and you might still love the look, but there’s never been a better time to trade your wooden window frames in for some energy efficient vinyl ones. As extreme weather becomes more and more common, wood is quickly becoming an obsolete material, at least as far as windows are concerned.

Switching to vinyl window frames will help make your home more enjoyable, more energy efficient and more affordable for years to come.


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